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Mouse centromere mapping using oligonucleotide probes that detect variants of the minor satellite
Cytologically, the centromere is found at the very end of most Mus musculus chromosomes, co-localizing with an array of minor satellite sequences. It is separated from the euchromatin of the long armExpand
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The location of four human satellite DNAs on human chromosomes.
Abstract In situ hybridisation was carried out with 3H-cRNAs transcribed from four human satellite DNAs. The human metaphase chromosomes used were stained with quinacrine and photographed prior toExpand
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A study of sequence homologies in four satellite DNAs of man.
Abstract Satellites I, II, III and IV (Corneo et al. , 1968,1970,1971) have been purified from human male placental DNA. The sequences present in these four DNA components have been characterized byExpand
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CENP-B binds a novel centromeric sequence in the Asian mouse Mus caroli.
Minor satellite DNA, found at Mus musculus centromeres, is not present in the genome of the Asian mouse Mus caroli. This repetitive sequence family is speculated to have a role in centromere functionExpand
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A cloned sequence, p82H, of the alphoid repeated DNA family found at the centromeres of all human chromosomes
Clone p82H is a human DNA sequence which hybridises in situ exclusively to the centromeric regions of all human chromosomes. It is composed of approximately 14 tandemly repeated variants of a basicExpand
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The organization of the mouse satellite DNA at centromeres.
The mouse genome contains a major and a minor satellite DNA family of repetitive DNA sequences. The use of 5-azacytidine has allowed us to demonstrate that these satellite DNAs are organized in twoExpand
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The mammalian centromere: its molecular architecture.
The DNA and protein composition of the centromeric domains in mammalian chromosomes is now relatively well characterised. The major families of repeated DNAs, i.e., the simple-sequence and alphoidsExpand
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The distribution of sequences complementary to human satellite DNAs I, II and IV in the chromosomes of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) and orang utan (Pongo pygmaeus)
Human satellite DNAs I, II and IV were transcribed to yield radioactive complementary RNAs (cRNAs). These cRNAs were hybridised to metaphase chromosomes of man, chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), gorillaExpand
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Localisation of a male-specific DNA fragment to a sub-region of the human Y chromosome
A ‘male-specific’ DNA sequence has been localised to human satellite III DNA of the Y chromosome.
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A dicentric recombinant 9 derived from a paracentric inversion: phenotype, cytogenetics, and molecular analysis of centromeres.
A 4-year-old girl with multiple malformations and severe developmental delay has been shown to have a karyotype of 46,XX-9,+rec(9),dup p,inv(9) (q22.1q34.3)mat, with duplication 9pter-q22.1 andExpand
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