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× Dactylodenia lacerta (Orchidaceae): a morphologically cryptic hybrid orchid new to science from the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
The Crousa Downs plant is best described as a cryptic hybrid that shows strong maternal dominance in inheritance patterns, perhaps reflecting the fact that its ovule- parent is allotetraploid but its pollen-parent is diploid.
Molecular and morphological phylogenetics of the digitate-tubered clade within subtribe Orchidinae s.s. (Orchidaceae: Orchideae)
Here, morphological phylogenetics with Sanger sequencing of nrITS and the plastid region trnL-F is integrated in order to explore phylogenetic relationships and phenotypic character evolution within the digitate-tubered clade of Orchidinae.
Whole plastomes are not enough: phylogenomic and morphometric exploration at multiple demographic levels of the bee orchid clade Ophrys sect. Sphegodes.
Comparing the contrasting 'discontinuity' and 'ethology' models will require next-generation sequencing of nuclear genomes plus ordination of corresponding morphometric matrices, seeking the crucial distinction between retained ancestral polymorphism-consistent with lineage divergence-and polymorphisms reflecting gene flow through 'hybridization'-more consistent with lineage convergence.