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NetWheels: A web application to create high quality peptide helical wheel and net projections
A web-based application has been developed that has several futures to create, customize and export these projections and is freely available at http://lbqp.unb.br/NetWheels. Expand
Label-free quantitative proteomics of rat hypothalamus under fever induced by LPS and PGE2.
Proteomic analysis of rat hypothalamus using label-free LC-MS/MS in a model of fever induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) offered comprehensive information about fever responses, including metabolic and inflammatory pathways, providing new insights into candidate proteins potentially involved in inflammatory signaling and metabolic changes in the hypothalamus during Fever induced by systemic LPS and central PGE2 perturbation. Expand
Recycling of wastes from fish beneficiation by composting: chemical characteristics of the compost and efficiency of their humic acids in stimulating the growth of lettuce
Reuse of residues from the fish beneficiation activity by composting may represent a safe tool to increase the value of recycled organic residues and generate HA with potential use as plant growth stimulants. Expand
Compost biofortification with diazotrophic and P-solubilizing bacteria improves maturation process and P availability.
Burkholderia silvatlantica and H. seropedicae in RP-enriched compost may represent an important biotechnological tool to reduce the overall time required for composting and increase the supply of P from poorly soluble sources. Expand
In-depth quantitative proteomic characterization of organotypic hippocampal slice culture reveals sex-specific differences in biochemical pathways
Sex differences in the brain of mammals range from neuroarchitecture through cognition to cellular metabolism. The hippocampus, a structure mostly associated with learning and memory, presents highExpand