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Foraminiferal Genera and Their Classification
Systematic descriptions Family group taxa based on genera of uncertain status Unavailable family-group names used for foraminifera Cladegroups, category not recognized by ICZN Unavailable genericExpand
A newly revised classification of the protozoa.
The subkingdom Protozoa now inclues over 65,000 named species, of which over half are fossil and approximately 10,000 are parasitic. Among living species, this includes approximately 250 parasiticExpand
Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera; Part 1, Cenomanian
Twenty-seven Cenomanian planktonic foraminiferal species are described and some 60 specific names included in their synonymy. These species are from North America, Europe, and an Atlantic core N. ofExpand
Suprageneric classification of the foraminiferida protozoa
A revised classification is presented for the Foraminiferida, combining the results of our research with various partial or more inclusive reclassifications that have appeared during the past twoExpand
Characterization of the DNA from the dinoflagellate crypthecodinium cohnii and implications for nuclear organization
Although dinoflagellates are eucaryotes, they possess many bacterial nuclear traits. For this reason they are thought by some to be evolutionary intermediates. Dinoflagellates also possess someExpand