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Difference of volumes in solutions for maintenance of totally implanted central venous catheter
The information generated cater for institutions that use such devices to plan and perform actions involving the placement and nursing care related to them, as well as prevention of complications in cases of unnecessary exposure of the user of these catheters to the drugs used in its maintenance.
Interruption of the daily life imposed by Parkinson's disease: elderly ´s perspective with parkinson
The daily life of elderly patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) after insertion in an educational group is marked by gradual disruption in daily activities with the space group of reorientation of dealing with losses and limitations.
Profile of patients and fully implanted central venous catheters of an oncology hospital
The profile of patients and central venous catheters fully implanted in a Cancer Institution is drawn to collaborate the institutions that make use of these devices in the planning and execution of actions involving the implantation and nursing care related to these.
Analysis of volume of solution for the totally implantable central venous catheter maintenance
A procedure handbook for the maintenance of the Totally Implantable Central Venous Catheter (TI-CVC), considering the specificities of the catheter, the user’s biotype and the final length after insertion is developed.
Volume of solutions used for maintenance of the totally implanted central venous catheter (ti-cvc): revisiting the literature
An integrative literature review aimed at answering the question what is the volume of solution used to perform the maintenance, treatment and/or prevention of infection of the Totally Implanted Central Venous Catheter (TI-CVC) described in the literature.