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Electron Microscope Evidence for Nerves in the Mandibular Stylets of the Green Peach Aphid
FROM his morphological investigation of the black bean aphid, Aphis fabae Scop., Weber1 concluded that the stylets do not contain nerves, and he showed the central mandibular duct to be empty.Expand
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Humidification and mucus flow in the intubated trachea.
  • A. R. Forbes
  • Medicine
  • British journal of anaesthesia
  • 1 August 1973
observatons of mucus flow in the trachea were made on greyhounds under barbiturate anaesthesia breathing air at 37°C, at various levels of relative humidity, through an endotracheal tube. TheExpand
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Halothane Depresses Mucociliary Flow in the Trachea
Tracheal mucociliary flow rates in dogs were measured with a radioactive droplet technique during thiopental anesthesia, and subsequently during halothane anesthesia. Body temperature and inspiredExpand
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Temperature, humidity and mucus flow in the intubated trachea.
Mucus flow rates were measured in the intact trachea of anaesthetized dogs, using a radioactive tracer technique. Measurements were made before intubation, and after intubation at inspired airExpand
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Pancuronium Reduces Halothane Requirement in Man
We studied the contribution of pancuronium to anesthetic requirement in man by comparing MAC for halothane alone in 18 patients, with that after intravenous administration of pancuronium, 0.1 mg/kg,Expand
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Clinical and psychometric characteristics of the wives of alcoholics.
  • J. B. Rae, A. R. Forbes
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The British journal of psychiatry : the journal…
  • 1 February 1966
1. The M.M.P.I. was given to 26 wives of alcoholics, who also had this test. 2. The male alcoholic profile showed a marked "24" configuration, comparing with reported American data of "42"Expand
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The validity of the 16 PF in the discrimination of the hysteroid and obsessoid personality.
  • A. R. Forbes
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The British journal of social and clinical…
  • 1 June 1969
This paper reports a study in which certain hypotheses about the relation of Sixteen Personality Factor Test (16 PF) scores to hysteroidness or obsessoidness of personality, as measured by theExpand
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Mucociliary Clearance in the Canine Lung during and after General Anesthesia
Central and peripheral pulmonary mucociliary clearance was assessed by tantalum bronchography and serial chest roentgenograms in dogs. Thiopental, 25 mg/kg, did not change clearance from awakeExpand
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Morphine decreases peripheral vascular resistance and increases capacitance in man.
The response of the human peripheral circulation to morphine in large doeses independent of cardiac and respiratory influences has not been delineated. In 28 patients during cardiopulmonary bypass,Expand
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Radiation therapy in the treatment of meningioma: the Joint Center for Radiation Therapy experience 1970 to 1982.
The standard treatment for meningioma is complete resection. However, complete resection is often not possible because of tumor location and extent. To evaluate the usefulness of radiation therapy inExpand
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