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The importance of headwater streams
Even though headwater streams can constitute more than three quarters of the stream length in drainage basins, they have not been studied as much as other parts of the river system. Most headwaterExpand
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The effect of rumen digesta inoculation on the time course of recovery from classical diet-induced milk fat depression in dairy cows.
Ten ruminally cannulated cows were used in a crossover design that investigated the effect of rumen digesta inoculation from non-milk fat-depressed cows on recovery from classical diet-induced milkExpand
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Biopolymer yields from activated sludge and their relation to the operation of treatment plant
SummaryProcedures for the extraction of biopolymers from activated sludge are compared with respect to yields. Statistical analyses show that the variations in polymer yield may be related to theExpand
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Nitrate, denitrification and sludge settlement in the activated sludge process
Abstract This paper examines the performance of one of the final settlement tanks at a large metropolitan sewage treatment works. The works has a history of high concentrations of suspended solids inExpand
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Short communication: Effect of a citrus extract in lactating dairy cows.
Dry matter intake is a main driver of energy balance in lactating dairy cows, and some plant extracts have been commercially fed to dairy cows to stimulate feed intake. Citrus extracts containExpand
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The significance of ATP in the settlement of activated sludge
A laboratory-scale activated sludge plant treating simulated coke oven liquors was used to examine the settleability of the sludge in relation to its ATP concentration. On the basis of the dataExpand
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The measurement and significance of ATP pools in activated sludge treating coke oven liquors
Coke oven liquor is a toxic wastewater produced in large quantities by the Iron and Steel, and Coking Industries, and gives rise to major effluent treatment problems in those industries. Conscious ofExpand