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Geochemical Characteristics of The Granitic Rocks from Boundary Range Batholith, Peninsular Malaysia
Geochemical characteristics of Boundary Range granite are similar to those of the Eastern Belt Granite and not to those of the Western Belt Granite. Although, the majority of the rocks from theExpand
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Modeling of dengue outbreak prediction in Malaysia: A comparison of Neural Network and Nonlinear Regression Model
This study aims to design a neural network model (NNM) and nonlinear regression model (NLRM) using different architectures and parameters incorporating time series, location and rainfall data to define the best architecture for early prediction of dengue outbreak. Expand
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Comparison of SOR and AGE methods for solution of the two-point boundary value problem
Abstract In this paper, the recently introduced Alternating Group Explicit (AGE) method is compared with the well-known Successive Overrelaxation (SOR) methods. Both theoretical and experimentalExpand
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Subjective trust model for mobile ad-hoc network in emergency environment
Trust is a directional relationship between two parties; the trustor and trustee. Expand
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Notice of RetractionContractor selection for maintenance in Small and Medium Industries using Analytical Hierarchy Process
The research based on the fact that the investment of information technology is needed for supporting daily operation and maintenance management in commonly industries. Although many models withExpand
Improvement of decision making grid model for maintenance management in Small and Medium Industries
This study focuses on the effect from the improvement of DMG model in categorizing low, medium and high criterion for the real production floor in SMIs. Expand
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Preliminary study of feeding response and survival of coptotermes curvignathus on curcumin
A preliminary study on responses of Coptotermes curvignathus to purefied Curcumin was carried.out. The termiticidal acativities of Curcumin appeared to be dependent on its concentration. A 100%Expand