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With the conquest of the societies and the cultures which inhabit what today is called Latin America, began the constitution of a new world order, culminating, five hundred years later, in a globalExpand
Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America
What is termedglobalization is the culmination of a process that began with the constitution of America and colonial/modern Eurocentered capitalism as a new global power. One of the fundamental axesExpand
Coloniality of Power and Eurocentrism in Latin America
The globalization of the world is, in the first place, the culmination of a process that began with the constitution of America and world capitalism as a Euro-centered colonial/modern world power.Expand
Modernity, Identity, and Utopia in Latin America
Perhaps for many, to take up the modern/postmodern debate in relation to Latin America is not something whose importance is immediately evident. For others, the topic is more of a fashion than aExpand
Questioning “Race”
The idea of “race” is surely the most efficient instrument of social domination produced in the last 500 years. Dating from the very beginning of the formation of the Americas and of capitalism (atExpand
Imperialism and the Working Class in Latin America
The following selection is excerpted from "Imperialism and the Working Class in Latin America." 1 In the first part of the original article, Quijano points to the urgency of analyzing the world-wideExpand
The challenge of the “indigenous movement” in Latin America
There has been no shortage of writing produced within and beyond Latin America on the so-called “indigenous movement,” particularly after the January 1994 insurgency in Chiapas and, especially, afterExpand
Imperialism and the Peasantry: the Current Situation in Peru
The relationship between capitalism and the peasantry in Peru can only be studied in the context of imperialism, understood as a phase of capitalism characterized by the domination of monopolyExpand
Fujimorism, the OAS, and Peru
The present stage of Fujimorism is the result of a deal, first made in 1992 and updated in 1995, between the Peruvian armed forces and their Fujimori on the one hand and the Organization of AmericanExpand