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Hearing the Hurt: Rhetoric, Aesthetics, and Politics of the New Negro Movement
to Boromisza-Habashi, engage in passionate impartiality, which requires “calming the desire to act, to take a stance, to contest, to judge” (99). Readers that maintain critical commitments mayExpand
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The Insistent Call: Rhetorical Moments in Black Anticolonialism, 1929-1937
Throughout the nineteenth century, African heritage played an important role in black America, as personal memories and cultural practices continued to shape the everyday experience of people ofExpand
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The Insistent Call
"Modern Slaves": The Liberian Labor Crisis and the Politics of Race and Class
During the 1920s the government of Liberia sanctioned labor practices that many people considered similar to slavery. Black journalist and novelist George S. Schuyler visited Liberia to explore theExpand
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A Voice that Could Stir an Army: Fannie Lou Hamer and the Rhetoric of the Black Freedom Movement by Maegan Parker Brooks (review)
into an “orator war machine,” using the soapbox simultaneously as a site for organizing and for defying a law that criminalized organizing by banning IWW public speaking. No such law was passed inExpand
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Apologia for Violence
Ethiopia Is Now: J. A. Rogers and the Rhetoric of Black Anticolonialism during the Great Depression
The Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 inspired grass roots political activism in black America. To understand how this foreign policy issue became such a pressing domestic concern for blackExpand
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