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Quantifying the allocation of soil organic carbon to biologically significant fractions
Soil organic carbon (OC) exists as a diverse mixture of organic materials with different susceptibilities to biological decomposition. Computer simulation models constructed to predict the dynamicsExpand
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Evolution of the Corsica–Sardinia Batholith and late-orogenic shearing of the Variscides
The Corsica–Sardinia Batholith formed in the late Carboniferous–Permian along the northern Gondwana margin. One or more of the following processes may have raised the Variscan geotherm enhancingExpand
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GEOTHERM: A finite difference code for testing metamorphic P-T-t paths and tectonic models
GEOTHERM is a time-dependent algorithm based on the finite difference method, assuming temperature-dependence of thermal conductivity. Expand
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Radiological characterization of granitoid outcrops and dimension stones of the Variscan Corsica-Sardinia Batholith
This study focuses on the radiological characterization of granitoid outcrops and dimension stones using in situ gamma-ray spectrometry. Extensive measurements were performed on 210 granitoidExpand
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Petrographic, Physical-Mechanical and Radiological Characterisation of the Rosa Beta Granite (Corsica-Sardinia Batholith)
Sardinian granites are widely used as tiles, flooring, in columns, or within other architectural elements. The Rosa Beta granite is the most commonly traded variety of these granites and is usedExpand
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Uranium distribution in the Variscan Basement of Northeastern Sardinia
ABSTRACT We present a detailed map of uranium distribution and its uncertainties in the Variscan Basement of Northeastern Sardinia (VBNS) at a scale of 1:100,000. An area of 2100 km2 was investigatedExpand
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Structural and metallogenic map of late Variscan Arbus Pluton (SW Sardinia, Italy)
ABSTRACT This paper presents the geological, structural and metallogenic map of the Arbus Pluton, a late Variscan composite intrusion belonging to the Corsica-Sardinia Batholith. The pluton isExpand
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The AMS brick: an HV power supply for the space experiment AMS-02
AMS is a particle physics experiment in space. The purpose is to perform accurate, high statistics, long duration measurements of the spectra of energetic (up to multi-TeV) primary charged cosmicExpand
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Structural map of Variscan northern Sardinia (Italy)
In this paper, we present a geological structural map (1:100,000 scale, ∼2300 km2 surface area) of the Variscan basement of northern Sardinia. The map integrates field structural analysis, extensiveExpand
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The ICARUS 50-l LAr TPC in the CERN neutrino beam
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