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New formulations of D = 10 supersymmetry and D8-O8 domain walls
We discuss a generalized form of IIA/IIB supergravity depending on all R-R potentials C-(p) (p = 0, 1,..., 9) as the effective field theory of type IIA/IIB superstring theory. For the IIA case we
D-term strings
We study the embedding of cosmic strings, related to the Abrikosov-Nielsen-Olesen vortex solution, into d = 4, N = 1 supergravity. We find that the local cosmic string solution which saturates the
N = 2 supergravity in five dimensions revisited
We construct matter-coupled N = 2 supergravity in five dimensions, using the superconformal approach. For the matter sector we take an arbitrary number of vector, tensor and hypermultiplets. By
Pure de Sitter supergravity
Using superconformal methods we derive an explicit de Sitter supergravity action invariant under spontaneously broken local N = 1 supersymmetry. The supergravity multiplet interacts with a nilpotent
Black holes and superconformal mechanics
The dynamics of a (super)particle near the horizon of an extreme Reissner-Nordstr\"om black hole is shown to be governed by an action that reduces to a (super)conformal mechanics model in the limit