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Trace and minor elements in sphalerite: A LA-ICPMS study
Sphalerite is an important host mineral for a wide range of minor and trace elements. We have used laser-ablation inductively Coupled mass spectroscopy (LA-ICPMS) techniques to investigate theExpand
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A kinetic study of the exsolution of pentlandite (Ni,Fe)9S8from the monosulfide solid solution (Fe,Ni)S
Abstract The kinetics of the exsolution of pentlandite from the monosulfide solid solution (mss) have been investigated using a series of anneal/quench and in situ cooling neutron diffractionExpand
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Mechanisms of gold biomineralization in the bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans
While the role of microorganisms as main drivers of metal mobility and mineral formation under Earth surface conditions is now widely accepted, the formation of secondary gold (Au) is commonlyExpand
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Nanoparticle factories: Biofilms hold the key to gold dispersion and nugget formation
Biofilms living on gold (Au) grains play a key role in the biogeochemical cycle of Au by promoting the dispersion of Au via the formation of Au nanoparticles as well as the formation of secondaryExpand
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Sulfosalt systematics: a review. Report of the sulfosalt sub-committee of the IMA Commission on Ore Mineralogy
This report deals with a general reexamination of the systematics of sulfosalts. It represents an update of the activity of the Sulfosalt Sub-Committee within the Commission on Ore Mineralogy of theExpand
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Alunite supergroup: recommended nomenclature
Abstract Minamiite has been discredited and renamed natroalunite-2c to show a double unit-cell structure and natroalunite can be designated as natroalunite-1c to show a single unit-cell structure.Expand
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Platinum in Earth surface environments
Platinum (Pt) is a rare precious metal that is a strategic commodity for industries in many countries. The demand for Pt has more than doubled in the last 30years due to its role in the catalyticExpand
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Speciation of aqueous tellurium(IV) in hydrothermal solutions and vapors, and the role of oxidized tellurium species in Te transport and gold deposition
Despite the close association between tellurium (Te) and gold (Au) in many epithermal, orogenic, and intrusion-related hydrothermal ore deposits, the hydrothermal chemistry of Te remains poorlyExpand
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Crystal chemistry of the crandallite, beudantite and alunite groups: a review and evaluation of the suitability as storage materials for toxic metals
The crandallite, beudantite and alunite (jarosite) mineral groups are reviewed, with an emphasis on the evaluation of their suitability as storage materials for toxic metals. New data on the highlyExpand
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Mechanism and kinetics of pseudomorphic mineral replacement reactions: A case study of the replacement of pentlandite by violarite
Although pseudomorphic mineral replacement reactions are common in all geological environments, and have long been considered important to many geological processes such as metamorphism,Expand
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