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Age of propaganda: The everyday use and abuse of persuasion.
The psychology of everyday persuasion pre-persuasion - setting the stage for effective influence communicator credibility - real and manufactured the message and how it is delivered emotional appealsExpand
A Brief History of Research on Phantom Alternatives: Evidence for Seven Empirical Generalizations About Phantoms
Phantom alternatives (unavailable options) can appear in many common decision tasks and can influence a wide variety of everyday behaviors. Although the term phantom is of recent vintage, researchersExpand
Under what conditions does theory obstruct research progress?
Researchers display confirmation bias when they persevere by revising procedures until obtaining a theory-predicted result. This strategy produces findings that are overgeneralized in avoidable ways,Expand
The Science of Social Influence : Advances and Future Progress
Chapter 1. Anthony R. Pratkanis, Social Influence Research. Chapter 2. Anthony R. Pratkanis, Social Influence Analysis: An Index of Tactics. Chapter 3. Eric S. Knowles & Dan Riner, Omega ApproachesExpand
Applications of Covariance Structure Modeling in Psychology : Cause for Concern ?
Methods of covariance structure modeling are frequently applied in psychological research. These methods merge the logic of confirmatory factor analysis, multiple regression, and path analysis withinExpand
In search of reliable persuasion effects: III. The sleeper effect is dead. Long live the sleeper effect.
A series of 16 computer-controlled experiments and a replication of the Gruder et al. study are conducted to demonstrate that a sleeper effect can be obtained reliably when subjects note the important arguments in a message, receive a discounting cue after the message, and rate the trustworthiness of the message communicator immediately after receiving the discounting Cue. Expand
Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Seventeen Cents? Mindful Persuasion and the Pique Technique1
According to the pique technique, a target is more likely to comply if mindless refusal is disrupted by a strange or unusual request. We demonstrated the use of this technique in two experiments. InExpand
Threat, Cohesion, and Group Effectiveness: Testing a Social Identity Maintenance Perspective on Groupthink
Although Janis's concept of groupthink is influential, experimental investigations have provided only weak support for the theory. Experiment 1 produced the poor decision quality associated withExpand