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The mathematical papers of Isaac Newton
This is a complete edition in eight volumes of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton - edited, annotated and translated by D. T. Whiteside. Papers originally in Latin are provided withExpand
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Made to Measure: Options for Emissions Accounting under the UNFCCC
Mitigation pledges put forward by countries under the UNFCCC process are "made to measure" in that they are tailored to fit each country's individual circumstances. However, the pledges also need toExpand
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A Concise History of Mathematics
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Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baselines are reference emissions levels. This paper focuses on projected forward-looking baselines that can be used both to inform national climate policy and to setExpand
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Establishing and Understanding Post-2020 Climate Change Mitigation Commitments
A new international climate change agreement that will have legal force and be applicable to all countries is being negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on ClimateExpand
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Advantages of the use of SR-FT-IR microspectroscopy: applications to cultural heritage.
Synchrotron radiation Fourier transform infrared (SR-FT-IR) microspectroscopy represents an advance over conventional FT-IR spectroscopy because it gives a higher signal/noise ratio at the highestExpand
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Kinship between burials from Grave Circle B at Mycenae revealed by ancient DNA typing
Abstract The richness of the burials in Grave Circle B at Mycenae, Greece indicates that the 35 people interred there held elite status during their lifetimes 3500 years ago. It has been speculatedExpand
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The Study of Attic Black Gloss Sherds using Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
Abstract We have studied the mineral composition of the gloss and the ceramic body of three pieces of Attic Greek pottery by applying the technique of high-resolution powder diffraction usingExpand
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Ancient DNA in human bones from Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in Greece and Crete
Attempts were made to detect ancient DNA (aDNA) in samples of 88 human skeletons from eight Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in Greece and Crete. Ancient DNA was absent in specimens from Nea Nikomedia,Expand
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