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Forecasting and Management of Technology
Note: Bibliogr. : p. 421-440. Index Reference Record created on 2004-09-07, modified on 2016-08-08
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Refining search terms for nanotechnology
The ability to delineate the boundaries of an emerging technology is central to obtaining an understanding of the technology’s research paths and commercialization prospects. Nowhere is this moreExpand
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Science overlay maps: A new tool for research policy and library management
We present a novel approach to visually locate bodies of research within the sciences, both at each moment of time and dynamically, using examples of universities, corporations, funding agencies, and research topics. Expand
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Innovation forecasting
Summary form only as given. Technological forecasting is premised on a certain orderliness of the innovation process. Myriad studies of technological substitution, diffusion and transfer processesExpand
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Technology futures analysis: Toward integration of the field and new methods
Many forms of analyzing future technology and its consequences coexist, for example, technology intelligence, forecasting, roadmapping, assessment, and foresight. All of these techniques fit into aExpand
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Emerging technologies: quantitative identification and measurement
Bibliometric data, proposals and publications are most likely to be useful for this purpose since they capture information earlier in the cycle of technology development. Expand
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Measuring researcher interdisciplinarity
We offer two metrics that together help gauge how interdisciplinary a body of research is. Expand
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Research profiling: Improving the literature review
We propose enhancing the traditional literature review through "research profiling" by exploiting the wealth of accessible information in electronic abstract databases such as MEDLINE and Science Citation Index. Expand
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On the Future of Technological Forecasting
Technological forecasting is now poised to respond to the emerging needs of private and public sector organizations in the highly competitive global environment. The history of the subject and itsExpand
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Technology opportunities analysis
We present an approach to efficiently generate effective intelligence on emerging technologies by mining the wealth of information available in major public electronic databases. Expand
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