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s of papers 91 A MODELISTIC APPROACH OF THE MECHANISM OF CONSTANT DRUG DELIVERY FROM THE MEGALOPOROUS SYSTEM P. de Haan and C.F. Lerk A solid dosage form, constructed by two phases, a housing and aExpand
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Validation of pharmacy records in drug exposure assessment.
The validity of drug exposure measurement based on pharmacy records was investigated taking into account completeness of data, drug compliance, and different methods of drug exposure measurement inExpand
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The completeness of medication histories in hospital medical records of patients admitted to general internal medicine wards.
AIMS Accurate recording of medication histories in hospital medical records (HMR) is important when patients are admitted to the hospital. Lack of registration of drugs can lead to unintendedExpand
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Hypoglycaemia associated with use of inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme
The use of angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitors has been associated with increased insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients. Although such an effect could be beneficial in the treatment ofExpand
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Undertreatment of hypercholesterolaemia: a population-based study.
AIMS To assess the level of undertreatment of hypercholesterolaemia in the general population, taking intra-person variability in serum cholesterol concentrations into account, and to identifyExpand
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Drug-Induced Lipid Changes
Many drugs besides lipid-lowering drugs affect serum lipid levels in either a potentially harmful or beneficial way, and may therefore increase or decrease the risk of cardiovascularExpand
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Comparison of different methods to estimate prevalence of drug use by using pharmacy records.
Several methods to estimate prevalence of drug use are available, which may complicate a valid comparison of these estimates. Standardization may contribute to more valid comparisons. We comparedExpand
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Reducing prescribing of highly anticholinergic antidepressants for elderly people: randomised trial of group versus individual academic detailing
Abstract Objective: To compare the effect of individual educational visits versus group visits using academic detailing to discuss prescribing of highly anticholinergic antidepressants in elderlyExpand
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Evaluation of antiparkinsonian drugs in pharmacy records as a marker for Parkinson's disease
Aim: The aim of this study was to determine whether use of antiparkinsonian drugs in pharmacy records can be used as a marker for patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). Method: Data were obtainedExpand
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Modulation of Adrenoceptor‐Mediated Cardiovascular Effects by Short‐Term In Vivo Infusion of Isoproterenol in Rats
Summary After a 16-h in vivo infusion period of isoproterenol (400 (μg/kg/h) from a minipump implanted subcutaneously (s.c.) in rats, we observed an increase in heart weight due to tissue edema. InExpand
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