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The Muscoidea (Diptera: Calyptratae) are paraphyletic: Evidence from four mitochondrial and four nuclear genes.
The monophyly of three of the four recognized families in the Muscoidea is confirmed: the Fanniidae, Muscidae, and Scathophagidae, however, the Anthomyiidae are possibly paraphyletic.
Muscid shoot-flies of the Philippine Islands (Diptera: Muscidae, genus Atherigona Rondani)
The Philippine species of Atherigona are revised for the first time, and seven new synonyms are established, based on type-examinations.
A catalogue of the Fanniidae (Diptera) of the Neotropical Region
The Muscidae (Diptera) of the Neotropical Region are catalogued. 843 extant and 3 extinct species in 84 genera are listed together with their synonyms, giving a total of 1209 names. References are
Complete tribal sampling reveals basal split in Muscidae (Diptera), confirms saprophagy as ancestral feeding mode, and reveals an evolutionary correlation between instar numbers and carnivory.
A molecular phylogeny based on four mitochondrial genes (12S, 16S, COI, CYTB) and three nuclear genes (28S, Ef1a, and CAD) for 84 species from 40 genera of the Muscidae is presented, the first to include species from all biogeographic regions and all currently recognised muscid subfamilies and tribes.
Studies on Australian Muscidae (Diptera). IV. A revision of the subfamilies Muscinae and Stomoxyinae.
Two names are raised from syncmymy: Orthellia timorensis (Robineau-Desvoidy) (= coerulea of authors) and Ophyra spinigera Stein (= nigra of authors).