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Oto, a generic and extensible tool for marking programming assignments
Marking programming assignments in programming courses involves a lot of work: each program must be tested, the source code must be read and evaluated, etc. With the large classes encounteredExpand
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A single analytical model for sparkle and graininess patterns in texture of effect coatings.
Flakes in effect coatings, which are responsible for its color shift, are not perfectly horizontally oriented, producing a non uniform texture when observed from a distance of around one meter orExpand
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Fractal photon sieve.
A novel focusing structure with fractal properties is presented. It is a photon sieve in which the pinholes are appropriately distributed over the zones of a fractal zone plate. The focusingExpand
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Optically-corrected elemental images for undistorted Integral image display.
Conventional macro objectives are generally used as relay systems in the capture stage in Integral Imaging. This choice leads to microimage overlap and shift, which produce undesirable effects on theExpand
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Axial apodization in 4Pi-confocal microscopy by annular binary filters.
We present a novel technique for considerably decreasing the sidelobe height of the axial point-spread function of one-photon 4Pi-confocal microscopes. By means of a numerical example, in which theExpand
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Facet braiding: a fundamental problem in integral imaging.
A rigorous explanation of a phenomenon that produces significant distortions in the three-dimensional images produced by integral imaging systems is provided. The phenomenon, which we refer to as theExpand
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Self-imaging properties of a periodic microlens array: versatile array illuminator realization
Abstract The general features of the wavefield diffracted by a microlens array are described. The transversal periodicity of both a refractive and a diffractive periodic microlens array allows toExpand
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Color representation and interpretation of special effect coatings.
A representation of the color gamut of special effect coatings is proposed and shown for six different samples, whose colors were calculated from spectral bidirectional reflectance distributionExpand
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Principal Components Analysis on the spectral Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function of ceramic colour standards.
The Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) is essential to characterize an object's reflectance properties. This function depends both on the various illumination-observationExpand
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Enhanced field-of-view integral imaging display using multi-Köhler illumination.
A common drawback in 3D integral imaging displays is the appearance of pseudoimages beyond the viewing angle. These pseudoimages appear when the light rays coming from each elemental image are notExpand
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