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The effect of network topology on the stability of discrete state models of genetic control
Boolean networks have been proposed as potentially useful models for genetic control. An important aspect of these networks is the stability of their dynamics in response to small perturbations.Expand
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Developing a Stochastic Dynamic Programming Framework for Optical Tweezer-Based Automated Particle Transport Operations
Automated particle transport using optical tweezers requires the use of motion planning to move the particle while avoiding collisions with randomly moving obstacles. This paper describes aExpand
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Stability of Boolean networks: the joint effects of topology and update rules.
We study the stability of orbits in large Boolean networks. We treat the case in which the network has a given complex topology, and we do not assume a specific form for the update rules, which mayExpand
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Approximating the largest eigenvalue of the modified adjacency matrix of networks with heterogeneous node biases.
  • E. Ott, A. Pomerance
  • Medicine, Mathematics
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 9 February 2009
Motivated by its relevance to various types of dynamical behavior of network systems, the maximum eigenvalue lambdaA of the adjacency matrix A of a network has been considered and mean-field-typeExpand
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Combining Machine Learning with Knowledge-Based Modeling for Scalable Forecasting and Subgrid-Scale Closure of Large, Complex, Spatiotemporal Systems
We consider the commonly encountered situation (e.g., in weather forecast) where the goal is to predict the time evolution of a large, spatiotemporally chaotic dynamical system when we have access toExpand
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Forecasting Chaotic Systems with Very Low Connectivity Reservoir Computers
We explore the hyperparameter space of reservoir computers used for forecasting of the chaotic Lorenz '63 attractor with Bayesian optimization. We use a new measure of reservoir performance, designedExpand
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Actin Polymerization in a Thermal Gradient
Actin polymerization was studied as a function of temperature and in controlled thermal gradients. In the absence of a thermal gradient, we observe a polymerization transition with a temperatureExpand
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Feedback control of unstable cellular solidification fronts.
We present a feedback control scheme to stabilize unstable cellular patterns during the directional solidification of a binary alloy. The scheme is based on local heating of cell tips which protrudeExpand
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Stability of Boolean networks with generalized canalizing rules.
Boolean networks are discrete dynamical systems in which the state (0 or 1) of each node is updated at each time t to a state determined by the states at time t-1 of those nodes that have links toExpand
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