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Zero-bias 40Gbit/s germanium waveguide photodetector on silicon.
We report on lateral pin germanium photodetectors selectively grown at the end of silicon waveguides. A very high optical bandwidth, estimated up to 120GHz, was evidenced in 10 µm long GeExpand
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Model-driven support for product line evolution on feature level
Highlights? We model the evolution of a product line on feature model level. ? Our approach supports both modeling of historic evolution and proactively planning of future evolution. ? The initialExpand
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EvoFM: feature-driven planning of product-line evolution
Companies successfully applying product line approaches often follow a long-term strategy and need to plan product portfolios years ahead. For instance in the automotive industry, managers constantlyExpand
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Managing complexity and variability of a model-based embedded software product line
This paper presents a framework for model-based product lines of embedded systems. We show how to integrate model-based product line techniques into a consistent framework that can deal with largeExpand
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Experiences of applying model-based analysis to support the development of automotive software product lines
In embedded systems in general and in automotive systems in particular the systematic reuse of existing assets is crucial. Moreover, companies in these domains often offer whole families of similarExpand
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Applying software product line techniques in model-based embedded systems engineering
This paper addresses variability in the domain of software-based control systems. When designing product lines of such systems, varying sensors and actuators have to be used and parameterized, whichExpand
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Avalanche Double Photodiode in 40-nm Standard CMOS Technology
This paper investigates a silicon (Si) avalanche double photodiode (ADPD) fabricated in 40-nm standard CMOS technology. Two different types of double photodiodes (DPDs) will be introduced. The firstExpand
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Using higher-order transformations to derive variability mechanism for embedded systems
The complexity of embedded systems can partly be handled by models and domain-specific languages (DSLs) like Matlab/Simulink. If we want to apply such techniques to families of similar systems, weExpand
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Interactive Configuration of Embedded Systems Product Lines
This paper addresses product configuration and product derivation in product lines of embedded systems. We show how domain-specific languages (DSLs), which are used to describe the implementation ofExpand
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Integrated filter-less BiCMOS sensor for RGB-LED color determination
In this work an integrated filter-less BiCMOS based color sensor is presented. It is capable of determining the center wavelength of a monochromatic light source in the visible range. This can beExpand
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