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European Integration, Nationalism and European Identity
Early theorists of European integration speculated that economic integration would lead to political integration and a European identity. A European identity has not displaced national identities inExpand
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Is European integration causing Europe to become more nationalist? Evidence from the 2007–9 financial crisis
ABSTRACT The European Union's (EU) political and economic integration project has grown dramatically since its inception in 1952. While the ultimate goal of the EU is unclear, one of its aspirationsExpand
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Strange bedfellows: Putin and Europe's far right
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From the provinces to the parliament: How the Ukrainian radical right mobilized in Galicia
Abstract This article traces the on-the-ground mobilization and recruitment strategies of Ukraine's radical right party, Svoboda (Freedom) in the years prior to its 2012 electoral breakthrough.Expand
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Sunday, 26 August 2012
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The illusion of scientific objectivity and the death of the investigator
The author-as-social construct refers to a process whereby the importance of the writer of a text is diminished in exchange for the elevated status of the reader-as-interpreter. As a concept, it hasExpand
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Parties and subcultures in the process of mobilization
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The Backward East? Explaining Differences in Support for Radical Right Parties in Western and Eastern Europe
Radical right political parties in Central Eastern Europe have been far less electorally successful than their counterparts in Western Europe. This outcome contradicts an underlying assumption inExpand
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On The Rise
Once on the fringes of politics, far-right parties, capitalizing on Europe’s economic woes and isolationist mood, are fast becoming part and parcel of politics, even in traditionally socialExpand
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Democratic defense against disinformation 2.0
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