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Gauge Theory Correlators from Non-Critical String Theory
Abstract We suggest a means of obtaining certain Green's functions in 3+1-dimensional N =4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with a large number of colors via non-critical string theory. The
Infinite Conformal Symmetry in Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory - Nucl. Phys. B241, 333 (1984)
We present an investigation of the massless, two-dimentional, interacting field theories. Their basic property is their invariance under an infinite-dimensional group of conformal (analytic)
A semi-classical limit of the gauge/string correspondence
Abstract A world-sheet sigma model approach is applied to string theories dual to four-dimensional gauge theories, and semi-classical soliton solutions representing highly excited string states are
Gauge Fields And Strings
Statistical mechanics and quantum field theory asymptotic freedom and the renormalization group the strong coupling expansion instantons in Abelian systems Quark confinement, superfluidity,
Quantum Geometry of Bosonic Strings
We develop a formalism for computing sums over random surfaces which arise in all problems containing gauge invariance (like QCD, three-dimensional Ising model etc.). These sums are reduced to the
AdS dual of the critical O(N) vector model
Abstract We suggest a general relation between theories of infinite number of higher-spin massless gauge fields in AdS d +1 and large N conformal theories in d dimensions containing N -component
Fractal Structure of 2D Quantum Gravity
We resolve renormalization problems, indicated in Ref. 1 and find explicit formulae for the spectrum of anomalous dimensions in 2d—quantum gravity. Comparison with combinatorial approximation of
Pseudoparticle Solutions of the Yang-Mills Equations
We find regular solutions of the four dimensional euclidean Yang-Mills equations. The solutions minimize locally the action integrals which is finite in this case. The topological nature of the