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Modular 3D printed lab-on-a-chip bio-reactor for the biochemical energy cascade of microorganisms
The paper presents the sandwiched polymer 3D printed lab-on-a-chip bio-reactor for the biochemical energy cascade of microorganisms. Euglenas and yeast were separately and simultaneously cultured forExpand
Study of the behavior of Euglena viridis, Euglena gracilis and Lepadella patella cultured in all-glass microaquarium
The experiments confirmed that the developed chip is a tool that fits the requirements for the culturing and behavioral studies of microorganisms and constitute ground-works to propel its further application in broadly defined cellular study field. Expand
Lab-on-Chip Platform for Culturing and Dynamic Evaluation of Cells Development
This paper presents a full-featured microfluidic platform ensuring long-term culturing and behavioral analysis of the radically different biological micro-objects, showing their notable population growth, high mobility, and taxis mechanisms. Expand
A 3D Printed Membrane-Based Gas Microflow Regulator for On-Chip Cell Culture
A miniature 3D printed membrane-based gas microflow regulator which delivers gaseous media to on-chip cell cultures is presented in this paper. The device uses a polydimethylosiloxane (PDMS) membraneExpand
Testing Lab-on-a-Chip Technology for Culturing Human Melanoma Cells under Simulated Microgravity
A 3D-clinostat was designed and constructed to analyze the effect of short exposure to sµg on human keratinocytes HaCaT and melanoma cells A375 cultured on all-glass Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) platforms to confirm the biocompatibility of all- glass LOCs and their potential application in microgravity research on selected human cell lines. Expand
A step towards on-chip biochemical energy cascade of microorganisms: carbon dioxide generation induced by ethanol fermentation in 3D printed modular lab-on-a-chip
The concept of biochemical energy cascade of microorganisms towards oxygen generation in 3D printed lab-on-a-chip has been presented. In this work, carbon dioxide - a product of ethanol fermentationExpand
Lab-on-chip platform as a nanosatellite payload solution for biomedical experiments in outer space
This work presents a multi-functional and full-featured LOC platform ready for the integration with the dedicated nanosatellite system. Expand
OLED Display as a Useful Tool Towards Real-Time On-Chip Photosensitivity Investigation of Microorganisms
In the paper, the utility of OLED display towards real-time on-chip photosensitivity investigation of algae has been presented. The microorganisms have been cultured in the glass lab-on-a-chip andExpand