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The Temporal Logic of Reactive and Concurrent Systems
Reactive systems are computing systems which are interactive, such as real-time systems, operating systems, concurrent systems and control systems. These are among the most difficult computingExpand
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The temporal logic of programs
  • A. Pnueli
  • Computer Science
  • 18th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer…
  • 30 September 1977
A unified approach to program verification is suggested, which applies to both sequential and parallel programs. The main proof method suggested is that of temporal reasoning in which the timeExpand
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Temporal verification of reactive systems - safety
0: Preliminary Concepts.- 0.1 Fair Transition System.- 0.2 A Programming Language (SPL): Syntax.- 0.3 A Programming Language (SPL): Semantics.- 0.4 Modules.- 0.5 Temporal Logic.- 0.6 Specification ofExpand
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On the synthesis of a reactive module
We consider the synthesis of a reactive module with input <italic>x</italic> and output <italic>y</italic>, which is specified by the linear temporal formula @@@@(<italic>x</italic>,Expand
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Synthesis of Reactive(1) Designs
We consider the problem of synthesizing digital designs from their ltl specification. In spite of the theoretical double exponential lower bound for the general case, we show that for many expressiveExpand
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On the Synthesis of Discrete Controllers for Timed Systems (An Extended Abstract)
This paper presents algorithms for the automatic synthesis of real-time controllers by finding a winning strategy for certain games defined by the timed-automata of Alur and Dill. In such games, theExpand
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The temporal logic of branching time
SummaryA temporal logic is defined which contains both linear and branching operators. The underlying model is the tree of all possible computations. The following metatheoretical results are proven:Expand
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Distributed reactive systems are hard to synthesize
  • A. Pnueli, R. Rosner
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings [] 31st Annual Symposium on…
  • 22 October 1990
The problem of synthesizing a finite-state distributed reactive system is considered. Given a distributed architecture A, which comprises several processors P/sub 1/, . . ., P/sub k/ and theirExpand
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STATEMATE: a working environment for the development of complex reactive systems
Provides a brief overview of the STATEMATE system. STATEMATE is a graphical working environment, intended for the specification, analysis, design and documentation of large and complex reactiveExpand
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Checking that finite state concurrent programs satisfy their linear specification
We present an algorithm for checking satisfiability of a linear time temporal logic formula over a finite state concurrent program. The running time of the algorithm is exponential in the size of theExpand
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