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Pretreatment of wheat straw using combined wet oxidation and alkaline hydrolysis resulting in convertible cellulose and hemicellulose
The wet oxidation process of wheat straw has been studied as a pretreatment method to attain our main goal: To break down cellulose to glucose enzymatic, and secondly, to dissolve hemicelluloseExpand
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Sinapine-O-β-D-glucopyranoside in seeds of Alliaria officinalis
Abstract 4-β- D -Glucopyranosyloxy-3,5-dimethoxycinnamoylcholine has been isolated from Alliaria officinalis . This natural product has not been described previously. It is the major component amongExpand
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Solid-phase extraction of vitamins A and E from animal feeds: A substitute for liquid--liquid extraction.
A substitution was developed for the laborious liquid-liquid extraction method according to European Economic Community legislation for isolation of Vitamins A and E from feeds. A rapid method forExpand
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Fast polymer liquid chromatography isolation and characterization of plant myrosinase, β-thioglucoside glucohydrolase, isoenzymes
Abstract Rapid and high-yielding ion-exchange chromatographic and chromatofocusing methods using fast polymer liquid chromatography (FPLC) have been developed for plant myrosinase, β-thioglucosideExpand
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Rapid and efficient method for the isolation and characterization of plant aromatic choline esterases
Abstract Aromatic choline esterases have been isolated from seedlings of six crucifers. A fast polymer/protein liquid chromatographic (FPLC) method was developed for the final purification andExpand
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Conductivity Detection of Pectin: A Rapid HPLC Method to Analyze Degree of Esterification
Gel permeation chromatography was used for sample preparation of pectin. Refractive index and conductivity in series were applied for detection of the pectin. The ratio between the areas of the twoExpand
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