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Environmental risk assessment of compost prepared from salvinia, egeria densa, and alligator weed.
The results demonstrate composting is an effective method of reducing the viability of aquatic and terrestrial weeds, however, mortality of alligator weed was significantly correlated with the temperature within the windrows and the length of time the material was subjected to composting.
Hypolipidaemic effect of crude extract from Carpobrotus rossii (pigface) in healthy rats.
Erosion Control Performance of Compost Prepared from Harvested Aquatic Weed
A rainfall simulator was used to measure the ability of compost prepared from harvested aquatic weed (AWC) to reduce runoff and erosion from experimental plots compared with a bare earth control and
Pharmacokinetics of intravenous continuous rate infusions of sodium benzylpenicillin and ceftiofur sodium in adult horses.
To determine plasma drug concentrations after IV administration of a bolus followed by continuous rate infusion of sodium benzylpenicillin and ceftiofur sodium to healthy adult horses, the loading dose and CRI used less drug but maintained high plasma concentrations for the duration of infusion.
Ecophysiology of Carpobrotus rossii in Tasmania: Linking plant’s antioxidant pctivity with a natural habitat
Results suggest that production of tannin and flavonoid metabolites is not controlled by a single variable alone, but through an interplay of variables linked to oxidative stress in the plant.