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Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 1. Inclusive Observables
This Report summarizes the results of the first 10 months' activities of the LHC Higgs Cross Sections Working Group. The main goal of the working group was to present the status-of-art on HiggsExpand
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CP violation and baryogenesis due to heavy Majorana neutrinos
We analyze the scenario of baryogenesis through leptogenesis induced by the out-of-equilibrium decays of heavy Majorana neutrinos and pay special attention to CP violation. Extending a recentlyExpand
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Resonant Leptogenesis
We study the scenario of thermal leptogenesis in which the leptonic asymmetries are resonantly enhanced through the mixing of nearly degenerate heavy Majorana neutrinos that have mass differencesExpand
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Flavour-violating charged lepton decays in seesaw-type models
Analytic expressions of lepton-flavour- and lepton-number-violating decays of charged leptons are derived in the context of general SU(2)L ⊗ U(1)Y seesaw scenarios that are motivated by grand unifiedExpand
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Theory of neutrinos: a white paper
This paper is a review of the present status of neutrino mass physics, which grew out of an APS sponsored study of neutrinos in 2004. After a discussion of the present knowledge of neutrino massesExpand
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A white paper on keV sterile neutrino dark matter
We present a comprehensive review of keV-scale sterile neutrino Dark Matter, collecting views and insights from all disciplines involved—cosmology, astrophysics, nuclear, and particle physics—in eachExpand
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Vacuum topology of the two Higgs doublet model
We perform a systematic study of generic accidental Higgs-family and CP symmetries that could occur in the two-Higgs-doublet-model potential, based on a Majorana scalar-field formalism which realizesExpand
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CPsuperH: A Computational tool for Higgs phenomenology in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with explicit CP violation
Abstract We provide a detailed description of the Fortran code CPsuperH , a newly-developed computational package that calculates the mass spectrum and decay widths of the neutral and charged HiggsExpand
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Neutrinos and Collider Physics
We review the collider phenomenology of neutrino physics and the synergetic aspects at energy, intensity and cosmic frontiers to test the new physics behind the neutrino mass mechanism. InExpand
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Radiatively induced neutrino masses and large Higgs-neutrino couplings in the Standard Model with Majorana fields
The Higgs sector of the Standard Model (SM) with one right-handed neutrino per family is systematically analyzed. In a model with intergenerational independent mixings between families, we canExpand
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