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Full Development of Tarski's Geometry of Solids
We show that in order to prove theorems stated in [20, 21] one must enrich Tarski's theory with a new postulate asserting that the universe of discourse of the geometry of solids coincides with arbitrary mereological sums of balls. Expand
Space, points and mereology. On foundations of point-free Euclidean geometry
This article is devoted to the problem of ontological foundations of three-dimensional Euclidean geometry. Expand
On the weakest modal logics defining jaśkowski's logic d2 and the d2-consequence
We study the logic A which is the weakest modal logic defining D2, but does not belong to S5⋄. Expand
The Tense Logic for Master Argument in Prior’s Reconstruction
In this paper we examine Prior’s reconstruction of Master Argument in some modal-tense logic in the pure tense language. Expand
Mereological sets of distributive classes
We will present an elementary theory in which we can speak of mereological sets composed of distributive classes. Besides the concept of a distributive class and the membership relation , it willExpand
Pieces of mereology
In this paper we will treat mereology as a theory of some structures that are not axiomatizable in an elementary language (one of the axioms will contain the predicate ‘belong’ (‘∈’) and we will useExpand
Changes in activity of malate dehydrogenase and glucosephosphate isomerase in serum of rats exposed chronically to inorganic mercury and its aryl and alkyl compounds
SummaryIn course of prolonged exposure /14 weeks/ to various mercury compounds /MetHg — a fluid seed-dressing preparation 0,8, Phenyl and Ethyl chlorides and.HgCl2 in doses corresponding to 5% ofExpand
Cardinalities of Models for Pure Calculi of Names
A Method of Generating Modal Logics Defining Jaśkowski’s Discussive Logic D2
We give a general method which, for any class of modal logics determined by a set of joint axioms and rules, generates in the given class the weakest logic having the property (†). Expand
Classical mereology is not elementarily axiomatizable
By the classical mereology I mean a theory of mereological structures in the sense of [10]. In [7] I proved that the class of these structures is not elementarily axiomatizable. In this paper a newExpand