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Natural Dark Matter from an unnatural Higgs boson and new colored particles at the TeV scale
The thermal relic abundance of Dark Matter motivates the existence of new electroweak scale particles, independent of naturalness considerations. However, most un- natural Dark Matter models do notExpand
D-terms, unification, and the Higgs mass
We study gauge extensions of the MSSM that contain non-decoupling D-terms, which contribute to the Higgs boson mass. These models naturally maintain gauge coupling unification and raise the HiggsExpand
Top quarks and electroweak symmetry breaking in little Higgs models
Little Higgs models, in which the Higgs particle arises as a pseudo-Goldstone boson, have a natural mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking associated with the large value of the top quark YukawaExpand
Perspectives on LHC physics
The LHC - A A"WhyA" Machine and a Supersymmetry Factory (G Kane) Dark Matter at the LHC (A Pierce) LHC's ATLAS and CMS Detectors (M Spiropulu & S Stapnes) Understanding the Standard Model, as aExpand
Probing a QCD string axion with precision cosmological measurements
String and M-theory compactifications generically have compact moduli which can potentially act as the QCD axion. However, as demonstrated here, such a compact modulus can not play the role of a QCDExpand
Wino dark matter under siege
A fermion triplet of SU(2)L — a wino — is a well-motivated dark matter candidate. This work shows that present-day wino annihilations are constrained by indirect detection experiments, with theExpand
Realistic Dirac leptogenesis.
This model clearly demonstrates that, contrary to conventional wisdom, neutrinos need not be Majorana in nature in order to help explain the baryon asymmetry of the universe. Expand
Asymmetric Dark Matter from a GeV Hidden Sector
Asymmetric Dark Matter (ADM) models relate the dark matter density to the baryon asymmetry, so that a natural mass scale for ADM is around a few GeV. In existing models of ADM, this mass scale isExpand
Electroweak baryogenesis and Higgs signatures
We explore the connection between the strength of the electroweak phase transition and the properties of the Higgs boson. Our interest is in regions of parameter space that can realize electroweakExpand
Capture and indirect detection of inelastic dark matter
We compute the capture rate for dark matter in the Sun for models where the dominant interaction with nuclei is inelastic--the dark matter up-scatters to a nearby dark ''partner'' state with a smallExpand