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New benchmark instances for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
The recent research on the CVRP is being slowed down by the lack of a good set of benchmark instances. The existing sets suffer from at least one of the following drawbacks: (i) became too easy forExpand
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The time dependent traveling salesman problem: polyhedra and algorithm
The time dependent traveling salesman problem (TDTSP) is a generalization of the classical traveling salesman problem (TSP), where arc costs depend on their position in the tour with respect to theExpand
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Improved Branch-Cut-and-Price for Capacitated Vehicle Routing
The best performing exact algorithms for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem are based on the combination of cut and column generation. Some authors could obtain reduced duality gaps by alsoExpand
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Exact algorithm over an arc-time-indexed formulation for parallel machine scheduling problems
This paper presents an exact algorithm for the identical parallel machine scheduling problem over a formulation where each variable is indexed by a pair of jobs and a completion time. We show thatExpand
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Improved branch-cut-and-price for capacitated vehicle routing
The best performing exact algorithms for the capacitated vehicle routing problem developed in the last 10 years are based in the combination of cut and column generation. Some authors only used cutsExpand
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Robust Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problems
This chapter presents techniques for constructing robust Branch-Cut-and-Price algorithms on a number of Vehicle Routing Problem variants. The word ‘‘robust’’ stresses the effort of controlling theExpand
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Branch-and-cut with lazy separation for the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery
Abstract We propose a branch-and-cut algorithm for the VRPSPD where the constraints that ensure that the capacities are not exceeded in the middle of a route are applied in a lazy fashion. TheExpand
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Automation and Combination of Linear-Programming Based Stabilization Techniques in Column Generation
The convergence of a column generation algorithm can be improved in practice by using stabilization techniques. Smoothing and proximal methods based on penalizing the deviation from the incumbentExpand
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Efficient Algorithms for the Hotlink Assignment Problem: The Worst Case Search
Let T be a rooted directed tree where nodes represent web pages of a web site and arcs represent hyperlinks In this case, when a user searches for an information i, it traverses a directed path in T,Expand
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