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Propagation of cylindrical magnetic domains in orthoferrites
Bits of information, represented by cylindrical magnetic domains in a thin platelet of orthoferrite magnetized normal to the platelet, can be propagated by applying a rotating uniform transverseExpand
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Application of orthoferrites to domain-wall devices
Orthoferrites are of general formula RFeO 3 where R is any rare earth or yttrium. They are usually flux grown as large single crystals and then processed to provide platelets several mils inExpand
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A new approach to memory and logic-cylindrical domain devices
This paper will update work on cylindrical domains in orthoferrites first published in 1967. Expand
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Field access bubble-to-bubble logic operations
Bubble-to-bubble logic operations can greatly enhance the versatility of bubble memory devices. Our experience to date, however, has shown us that logic operations reduce the device operating marginsExpand
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Some Properties of an Anisotropic Thin‐Film‐Waffle‐Iron Memory Cell
A new mode of operation of the cubic waffle‐iron memory cell in which an anisotropic, rather than isotropic, storage film is used has been investigated. When a conventional 1000‐A NiFe film isExpand
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An 80-Nanosecond plated-wire store for a time-compression multiplex transmission system
A 12-MHz 6500-bit plated-wire memory system is described and properties discussed that show feasibility for application in a time-compression multiplex analog transmission system. Expand
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