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Ranking the Stability of Perfluorinated Membranes Used in Fuel Cells to Attack by Hydroxyl Radicals and the Effect of Ce(III): A Competitive Kinetics Approach Based on Spin Trapping ESR
The stability of Nafion, stabilized Nafion (StNafion), and 3M and Aquivion membranes to attack by the hydroxyl radical, HO•, was compared in their aqueous dispersions at 300 K. HO• radicals wereExpand
Direct catalytic anti-Markovnikov addition of carboxylic acids to alkenes.
A direct catalytic anti-Markovnikov addition of carboxylic acids to alkenes is reported, and a deuterium-labeling experiment lends insight to the potential mechanism. Expand
Visible Light Photoinitiated Metal-Free Living Cationic Polymerization of 4-Methoxystyrene.
Metal-free, visible light-initiated, living cationic polymerization of 4-methoxystyrene using 2,4,6-tri(p-tolyl)pyrylium tetrafluoroborate and methanol is demonstrated. Molecular weight andExpand
Ambient-Temperature Newman-Kwart Rearrangement Mediated by Organic Photoredox Catalysis.
This work presents a general strategy for catalysis of O-aryl carbamothioates to S- Daryl carbamothsioates using catalytic quantities of a commercially available organic single-electron photooxidant and shows that this reaction is facilitated at ambient temperatures. Expand
Local structure and composition of the ionic aggregates in Cu(II)-neutralized poly(styrene-co-methacrylic acid) ionomers depend on acid content and neutralization level
The morphologies of poly(styrene-ran-methacrylic acid) (SMAA) copolymers neutralized with Cu(II), including the local structure and composition of the ionic aggregates, were investigated as aExpand
Dual-Pharmacophore Pyrithione-Containing Cephalosporins Kill Both Replicating and Nonreplicating Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
The antimycobacterial activity of pyrithione-containing cephalosporins arises from two mechanisms that kill mycobacteria in different metabolic states. Expand
Universal XOR Canonical Forms of Boolean Functions and itsSubset Family of AND / OR / XOR Canonical
In this paper a new concept of Universal XOR Canonical Forms is presented. Such forms include all well-known families of AND/XOR canonical forms as special cases. A general mathematical treatment ofExpand
Effect of C-2 substitution on the stability of non-traditional cephalosporins in mouse plasma
It is revealed that cephalosporins lacking an acidic moiety at C-2 may be vulnerable to β-lactam cleavage in mouse plasma. Expand