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Errors of judgement at Greenwich in 1796
The origins of experimental psychology can be traced back to 1796, when the then Astronomer Royal dismissed his assistant for making some seemingly inaccurate measurements. But there is more to theExpand
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The Past in the Present — Some Thoughts on the Preservation of Historical Material in Active Observatories
It appears that few if any currently active large scale observatories have any kind of official plan for the long term preservation of historical records of their activities. While this lack ofExpand
Edmond Halley, Isaac Newton and the Longitude Act of 1714
In the later part of the 17th century Britain’s mariners were no more assured of their positions at sea than were her monarch’s ministers assured of their places at Court. Though the RoyalExpand
King Charles and the Founding of the Royal Observatory
The Royal Observatory at Greenwich dates its foundation to a 1675 warrant of Charles II (1630–1685), stating that “Wee have resolved to build a small observatorie …”, establishing it “to find outExpand
The British and American Nautical Almanacs in the 19th Century
In Britain, embroiled in the global conflicts of the early 19th century, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, was an established national institution, founded as it was for the perfection of discoveringExpand