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The cultural politics of English as an international language
Acknowledgements 1. The World in English Introduction: from Hurt Waldheim to Johnny Clegg The natural, neutral and beneficial spread of English The social, cultural and political contexts of EnglishExpand
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Critical Applied Linguistics : A Critical Introduction
Contents: Preface. Introducing Critical Applied Linguistics. The Politics of Knowledge. The Politics of Language. The Politics of Text. The Politics of Pedagogy. The Politics of Difference. AppliedExpand
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Language as a Local Practice
Language as a Local Practice: The Linguistic Landscaping of Locality . Expand
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Borrowing Others' Words: Text, Ownership, Memory, and Plagiarism
In this article, I attempt to deal with some of the complexities of text, ownership, memorization, and plagiarism. Arguing that plagiarism cannot be cast as a simple black-and-white issue, theExpand
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Global Englishes and Transcultural Flows
1. Hip Hop Be Connectin 2. Other Englishes 3. Transgressive Theories 4. Performance and Performativity 5. Taking the Vernacular Voices of the Popular Seriously 6. English and the Global Spread ofExpand
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Introduction: Critical Approaches to TESOL.
This introductory article aims to pull together the unifying concerns in the varied articles, reports, and discussions in this special issue. I focus on three main themes that may be said toExpand
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The Concept of Method, Interested Knowledge, and the Politics of Language Teaching
Examining the concept of Method in second language education, this paper argues that both a historical analysis and an investigation of its current use reveal little conceptual coherence. Ultimately,Expand
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Global Englishes, Rip Slyme, and performativity
In this article I suggest that while recent sociolinguistic work focusing on crossing, styling the Other or language boundaries is raising significant questions concerning how we relate language,Expand
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Critical applied linguistics
This overview of critical applied linguistics looks at the topic from three perspectives: first, doing applied linguistics critically: a brief overview of interrelated critical work in appliedExpand
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Language, Localization, and the Real: Hip-Hop and the Global Spread of Authenticity
This article addresses the relationship between the call for authenticity, its relocalization in other contexts, and the use of English. Hip-hop forces us to confront some of the conflictualExpand
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