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Morphological and Endocrine Study of the Ovarian Interstitial Tissue of Viscacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus)
The morphological and endocrine aspects of the ovarian interstitial tissue of adult female viscachas were investigated to establish the probable function and the biological significance of thisExpand
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Novel anti-ulcer alpha,beta-unsaturated lactones inhibit compound 48/80-induced mast cell degranulation.
The present study was designed to examine the effects of a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Artemisia douglasiana Besser (dehydroleucodine), a xanthanolide sesquiterpene isolated from XanthiumExpand
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Role of mast cells in gastrointestinal mucosal defense.
The purpose of this review, based on studies from our laboratory as well as from others, is to summarize salient features of mast cell immunobiology and to describe their associations withExpand
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The influence of mast cell mediators on migration of SW756 cervical carcinoma cells.
The role of mast cell mediators on cervical cancer cell migration was assessed using an in vitro assay of scratch wound healing onto monolayers of HPV18-positive cervical carcinoma cells (SW756).Expand
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Hormonal profile and reproductive performance in lactation deficient (OFA hr/hr) and normal (Sprague-Dawley) female rats.
Lactation deficiency may have important consequences on infant health, particularly in populations of low socioeconomic status. The OFA hr/hr (OFA) strain of rats, derived from Sprague-Dawley (SD)Expand
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Gastroduodenal Mucosal Protection Induced by Dehydroleucodine: Mucus Secretion and Role of Monoamines
In previous work we have demonstrated thatdehydroleucodine (DhL) prevents gastric damage inducedby necrosis-inducing agents such as absolute ethanol(EtOH). In this study we examine the effects of DhLExpand
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Dopaminergic Mechanisms Involved in Prolactin Release after Mifepristone and Naloxone Treatment during Late Pregnancy in the Rat
Background/Aims: During late pregnancy, the antiprogesterone mifepristone facilitates prolactin release. This effect is enhanced by administration of the opioid antagonist naloxone, suggesting anExpand
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Activation of human leukemic mast cell line LAD2 is modulated by dehydroleucodine and xanthatin
Abstract The aim of the present study was to determine whether dehydroleucodine, xanthatin and 3-benzyloxymethyl-5H-furan-2-one inhibit the activation of human leukemic LAD2 mast cells induced byExpand
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Seasonal variations of gonadotropins in the pars distalis male viscacha pituitary. Effect of chronic melatonin treatment.
The gonadotropes, LH and FSH cells, were immunohistochemically identified in the pituitary pars distalis of the adult male viscacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus) using specific antibodies againstExpand
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Effect of Dehydroleucodine on Mucus Production (A Quantitative Study)
We have demonstrated that dehydroleucodine(DhL), a lactone isolated from Artemisia douglasianaBesser, prevents gastroduodenal damage induced bynecrosis-inducing agents such as absolute ethanol.Expand
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