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Solid-state NMR reveals structural differences between fibrils of wild-type and disease-related A53T mutant alpha-synuclein.
Fibrils from the Parkinson's-disease-related A53T mutant of alpha-synuclein were investigated by solid-state NMR spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy. Sequential solid-stateExpand
Primary Steps of pH‐Dependent Insulin Aggregation Kinetics are Governed by Conformational Flexibility
Insulin aggregation critically depends on pH. The underlying energetic and structural determinants are, however, unknown. Here, we measure the kinetics of the primary aggregation steps of the insulinExpand
Solid-State NMR Reveals Structural Differences between Fibrils of Wild-Type and Disease-Related A 53 T Mutant α-Synuclein
0022-2836/$ see front matter © 2008 E Fibrils from the Parkinson's-disease-related A53T mutant of α-synuclein were investigated by solid-state NMR spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and atomic forceExpand
Reversible cell deformation by a polymeric actuator.
Mechanical forces applied to a living cell affect its development and morphology. The application of different physical forces to a cell provides valuable insights into its rheology,Expand
Polymeric actuators for biological applications.
  • A. Pelah, T. Jovin
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical…
  • 24 August 2007
To shed light on the role of cell rheology and mechanotransduction in various physiological and disease states, different techniques of force application, such as optical tweezers and deformableExpand
Formation of fused-ring 2'-deoxycytidine adducts from 1-chloro-3-buten-2-one, an in vitro 1,3-butadiene metabolite, under in vitro physiological conditions.
1-Chloro-3-buten-2-one (CBO) is a potential metabolite of 1,3-butadiene (BD), a carcinogenic air pollutant. CBO is a bifunctional alkylating agent that readily reacts with glutathione (GSH) to formExpand
Concentration- and time-dependent genotoxicity profiles of isoprene monoepoxides and diepoxide, and the cross-linking potential of isoprene diepoxide in cells
Highlights • Genotoxicity of monoepoxides and diepoxide of isoprene was assessed by comet assay.• Concentration- and time-dependent profiles in human hepatocyte cells were obtained.•Expand
The effect of polyethylene crystallinity and polarity on thermal stability and controlled release of essential oils in antimicrobial films
Antimicrobial packaging can preserve and increase shelf life of free preservatives food products. Active materials present in the packaging material can migrate, in a controlled manner, to the foodExpand