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[Evolution of bacterial plasmids].
  • A. Pekhov
  • Medicine
  • Uspekhi sovremennoi biologii
  • 1980
Isolation of high-molecular-weight DNA from plasmids FB1 and FB1 drd of serotyped strains of Escherichia coli (AP1 and AP2)
A method of isolating high-molecular-weight DNA from plasmids FB1 and FB1 drd of conditionally pathogenic strains ofEscherichiacoli has been developed. By electrophoresis of the DNA fragments inExpand
[Pleuropneumonia and pleuropneumonia-like organisms].
  • A. Pekhov
  • Medicine
  • Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i…
  • 1957
Cointegration between F-like conjugative plasmids
The aim of the present investigation was to study physical relations between plasmids when located in E. coli cells and found that F-like plasmid pAP22-1::Tnl can inhibit the conjugative functions of Flike plasmide PAP18-1 (TcColV)drd. Expand
Genetic regulation systems of cointegrative plasmid transfer inE. coli K-12 cells
Cointegrative plasmids pAP42/pRSF2124 and pUB781 were constructed and complex systems of plasmid transfer inhibition (funU and finV) were detected in the structure of cointegrative Plasmids. Expand
  • A. Pekhov
  • Medicine
  • Vestnik Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR
  • 1963
Peculiarities of expression of the plasmid pAP42 genetic region determining “sex” pili synthesis and the surface exclusion system in different cells ofEscherichia coli
The effects observed with some peptides suggest that the detected disturbances of CL response and superoxide production in neutrophils of AIDS patients may be the result of a direct influence of HIV glycoproteins on phagocytosing cells. Expand
Problems of space microbiology and cytology
Microbiological and cytological investigations of conditions in outer space, & genetic effects of space flight
Genetic regulation of conjugative properties of pAP18 plasmid complex inE.coli