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The growth of public expenditure in the United Kingdom
This work examines public expenditure, explaining the size and the structure of the system of public finance. Suitable for use as a course text, it can function as a point of departure for empiricalExpand
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The Curious Attraction of Wagner's Law
Wagner's ‘law of increasing state activity’ has recently been subjected to intensive use of recondite econometric testing procedures. An examination of the relevant articles reveals ignorance both ofExpand
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Approaches To the Analysis of Government Expenditure Growth
The article surveys the literature on public expenditure growth, and makes some suggestions for possible future developments. At the theoretical level, it is argued that public choice and associatedExpand
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Classics in the theory of public finance
Preface - Preface to the Fourth Impression - Preface to the Reissue - Introduction R.A.Musgrave & A.T.Peacock - Three Extracts on Public Finance A.Wagner - Contribution to the Theory of theExpand
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Welfare economics and public subsidies to the Arts
Subsidizing the Arts involves the same kind of issues as subsidizing particular industries or services in the economy, however distasteful this may seem to those who are conditioned to think in termsExpand
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Report of the Committee on Financing the BBC
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Governments and small business
PART ONE: THE ROLE OF SMALL BUSINESS Introduction - Alan Peacock Changing Viewpoints Small Firms as Exporters New Business Formation, Unemployment and the Role of Small Business in Economic GrowthExpand
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