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Petrogenesis of lunar meteorite EET 96008
Abstract Lunar meteorite EET 96008 is a fragmental breccia that predominantly consists of basaltic mineral clasts (0.5–2 mm), along with minor lithic fragments and breccia clasts. The matrix consistsExpand
The most reduced rock from the moon, Apollo 14 basalt 14053: Its unique features and their origin
Abstract The Apollo 14 high-Al basalt, 14053, is the most reduced lunar rock examined to date. Both fayalite in the mesostasis and spinel minerals have been extensively reduced in the exterior of theExpand
The effects of space weathering on Apollo 17 mare soils: Petrographie and chemical characterization
— The lunar soil characterization consortium, a group of lunar-sample and remote-sensing scientists, has undertaken the extensive task of characterization of the finest fractions of lunar soils, withExpand
Mineralogical and chemical characterization of lunar highland soils: Insights into the space weathering of soils on airless bodies
[1] With reflectance spectroscopy, one is measuring only properties of the fine-grained regolith most affected by space weathering. The Lunar Soil Characterization Consortium has undertaken the taskExpand
Pyroxene thermobarometry in LL-group chondrites and implications for parent body metamorphism
— Geothermometry based on the compositions of clinopyroxenes in type 6 and 7 LL chondrites gives coherent results, but the estimated temperatures from coexisting orthopyroxenes are consistently lowerExpand
Evolved mare basalt magmatism, high Mg/Fe feldspathic crust, chondritic impactors, and the petrogenesis of Antarctic lunar breccia meteorites Meteorite Hills 01210 and Pecora Escarpment 02007
Antarctic lunar meteorites Meteorite Hills 01210 and Pecora Escarpment 02007 are breccias that come from different regolith lithologies on the Moon. MET 01210 is composed predominantly ofExpand
Mineralogical Characterization of Lunar Highland Soils
Ten pristine highland soils were selected for this study from Apollo 14 and 16 collections. These soils were chosen for their contrasting maturities, as reflected in their Is/FeO values [6]. For eachExpand
Solid-Solution CrCoCuFeNi High-Entropy Alloy Thin Films Synthesized by Sputter Deposition
The concept of high configurational entropy requires that the high-entropy alloys (HEAs) yield single-phase solid solutions. However, phase separations are quite common in bulk HEAs. A five-elementExpand
Mineralogical and Chemical Characterization of Lunar Highland Regolith: Lessons Learned from Mare Soils
The Lunar Soil Characterization Consortium has begun study of the <45 m fractions of ten representative highland soils, chosen for their contrasting maturities. Difficulties are addressed in theExpand