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Endovascular reconstruction of the aortic bifurcation in patients with Leriche syndrome
BackgroundThe Leriche syndrome with contiguous total occlusions of the infrarenal aorta and the iliac arteries is a variant of Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus (TASC) type D aortoiliac disease,Expand
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Metalloproteinases-2, -9 and TIMP-1 expression in stable and unstable coronary plaques undergoing PCI.
INTRODUCTION Experimental models and ex-vivo studies suggest a crucial role of some matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the development of acute coronary syndromes, but expression levels of MMP-2,Expand
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Long-term outcome of patients with atrioventricular node reentrant tachycardia.
BACKGROUND Little information is available on the natural history of patients with AVNRT. The purpose of this study was to compare the outcome of patients with Atrioventricular node reentrantExpand
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Benign idiopathic partial seizures in the velocardiofacial syndrome: report of two cases.
We describe two children with the velocardiofacial syndrome and benign partial-onset seizures. Both presented with slight dysmorphic traits, mild to moderate mental delay, and high-arched palate. AExpand
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Retrograde Transarterial Implantation of a Nonmetallic Aortic Valve Prosthesis in High–Surgical-Risk Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis: A First-in-Man Feasibility and Safety Study
Background—To assess the feasibility and safety of retrograde transarterial implantation of a novel nonmetallic aortic valve prosthesis (Direct Flow Medical Inc, Santa Rosa, Calif), a prospectiveExpand
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Six-month results of a repositionable and retrievable pericardial valve for transcatheter aortic valve replacement: the Direct Flow Medical aortic valve.
OBJECTIVE Transcatheter aortic valve implantation is considered an alternative for patients at high risk for conventional surgery. The Direct Flow Medical aortic valve (Direct Flow Medical, Inc,Expand
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Cerebellar vermis defect, oligophrenia, congenital ataxia, and hepatic fibrocirrhosis without coloboma and renal abnormalities: report of three cases.
We describe 3 children (2 siblings aged 10 and 3 years, and 1 sporadic case aged 13 years) with cerebellar vermis defect associated with oligophrenia, congenital ataxia, and hepatic fibrocirrhosis.Expand
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Percutaneous left atrial appendage closure in awake non intubated patient: Multimodality intraprocedural imaging.
We present a case of percutaneous left atrial appendage closure in awake non intubated patient, in which Intraprocedural ultrasound images were obtained with a micro transesophageal echocardiographicExpand
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Use of the Ejection Fraction‐Velocity Ratio in the Hemodynamic Assessment of Aortic Bioprosthetic Valves
Background: A new echocardiographic severity index of aortic valve stenosis has been recently introduced: the ejection fraction‐velocity ratio (EFVR), which is a simple ratio ejectionExpand
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Effects of various promoter derived sequences on the cleavage kinetic of an hammerhead ribozyme directed against cyclin E1 mRNA.
Hammerhead ribozymes (HRz), catalytic RNA molecules capable of inducing the site-specific cleavage of a phosphodiester bond within an RNA molecule, are typically introduced into target cells byExpand
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