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Discovery of an X-ray afterglow associated with the γ-ray burst of 28 February 1997
Establishing the nature of γ-ray bursts is one of the greatest challenges in high-energy astrophysics. The distribution of these bursts is isotropic across the sky, but inhomogeneous in space, with aExpand
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Transient optical emission from the error box of the γ-ray burst of 28 February 1997
We report the detection of a transient and fading optical source in the error box associated with the burst GRB970228, less than 21 hours after the burst, suggesting that the burst occurred in a faint galaxy. Expand
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Compact sources as the origin of the soft γ-ray emission of the Milky Way
The Milky Way is known to be an abundant source of γ-ray photons, now determined to be mainly diffuse in nature and resulting from interstellar processes. In the soft γ-ray domain, point sources areExpand
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arge dynamic range nanopositioning using iterative learning control
This paper presents the control system design and tracking performance for a large range single-axis nanopositioning system that is based on a moving magnet actuator and a flexure bearing. While theExpand
XMM-newton observation of GRB001025.