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Systematic revision of dactylogyridean parasites (Monogenea) from cichlid fishes in Africa, the Levant and Madagascar
Systematic revision is made of the six dactylogyridean genera (Monogenea) described on African, Levantine and Malagasy cichlid fishes.
Gill parasites of the genus Cichlidogyrus Paperna, 1960 (Monogenea, Ancyrocephalidae) from Tilapia guineensis (Bleeker, 1862), with descriptions of six new species
In the first three species cited, it is reported the presence of an auxiliary plate in the male copulatory complex which is characteristic of the species C. aegypticus Ergens, 1981, a parasite of Tilapia zillii.
Modularity in attachment organs of African Cichlidogyrus (Platyhelminthes: Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae) reflects phylogeny rather than host specificity or geographic distribution
Analysis of shape variation of sclerotized structures of the attachment organ within 66 African species of the genus Cichlidogyrus provides new insights into the evolvability of attachment organs, as well as into the morphological basis of host specificity and host-parasite co-evolutionary interaction in helminth parasites.
A recent inventory of the fishes of the north-western and central western coast of Lake Tanganyika (Democratic Republic Congo)
The authors' records substantially expand the known range of fish species in a range of habitats, and as numerous specimens are hard to assign to nominal species, a taxonomic revision of a number of genera is underway.
Monogeneans of West African Cichlid Fish: Evolution and Cophylogenetic Interactions
The mapping of morphological characters of the haptor onto the parasite phylogenetic tree suggests that the attachment organ has evolved from a very simple form to a more complex one, and shed some light on the diversification process of Cichlidogyrus species parasitizing West African cichlids.
Hidden biodiversity in an ancient lake: phylogenetic congruence between Lake Tanganyika tropheine cichlids and their monogenean flatworm parasites
In the first comprehensive phylogenetic parasitological analysis of a vertebrate radiation, monogenean parasites infecting tropheine cichlids from Lake Tanganyika are studied, revealing species-rich parasite assemblages and shows consistent host-specificity.
Scutogyrus gen. n. (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae) for Cichlidogyrus longicornis minus Dossou, 1982, C. l. longicornis, and C. l. gravivaginus Paperna and Thurston, 1969, with description of three new
Scutogyrus gen. n. (Monogenae: Ancyrocephalidae) is defined for Cichlidogyrus longicornis minus Dossou, 1982, on Sarotherodon melanotheron (Cichlidae). This new genus is characterized by a dorsal
Four new species of Cichlidogyrus (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae), gill parasites of Tilapia cabrae (Teleostei: Cichlidae), with discussion on relative length of haptoral sclerites.
Four new species of the Monogenea were found, all belonging to Cichlidogyrus (Ancyrocephalidae), and a possible relationship between the relative size of haptoral sclerites and microhabitat selection in the studied host-parasite model is discussed.