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In vitro study of polyoxyethylene alkyl ether niosomes for delivery of insulin.
Results indicate that niosomes could be developed as sustained release oral dosage forms for delivery of peptides and proteins such as insulin. Expand
Encapsulation of Food Ingredients Using Nanoliposome Technology
Nanoliposomes are microscopic vesicles composed of phospholipid bilayers entrapping one or more aqueous compartments. Their unique properties have triggered numerous applications in severalExpand
Development and Physical Characterization of Sorbitan Monoester Niosomes for Insulin Oral Delivery
Vesicles containing Span 60 showed the highest protection of insulin against proteolytic enzymes and good stability in the presence of sodium desoxycholate and storage temperatures. Expand
Role of nanocarrier systems in cancer nanotherapy
An overview of advances and prospects in the applications of nanocarrier technology in cancer therapy is presented, along with their preparation methods and targeting strategies. Expand
Ciprofloxacin nano-niosomes for targeting intracellular infections: an in vitro evaluation
In order to propose non-ionic surfactant vesicles (niosomes) for the treatment of intracellular infections, a remote loading method (active drug encapsulation) followed by sonication was used toExpand
Formulation and in vitro evaluation of ciprofloxacin containing niosomes for pulmonary delivery
Results indicate that niosome can be used as a carrier for pulmonary delivery of CPFX via nebulization through encapsulation in niosomes and minimal inhibitory concentration of the niosomal CPFX against some pulmonary pathogens were lower than free CPFX. Expand
The Analgesic Effect of Tribulus terrestris Extract and Comparison of Gastric Ulcerogenicity of the Extract with Indomethacine in Animal Experiments
The results of ulcerogenic studies indicate that the gastric ulcerogenecity of plant extract is lower than the indomethacin in the rat's stomach, and it can be concluded that T. terrestris extract has a suitable analgesic effect. Expand
Nano-niosomes in drug, vaccine and gene delivery: a rapid overview
Niosomes, non-ionic surfactant vesicles (NSVs), are the hydrated lipids composed mainly of different classes of non-ionic surfactants, introduced in the seventies as a cosmetic vehicle. Nowadays,Expand
Nanoparticles Targeting STATs in Cancer Therapy
It is demonstrated how nanocarriers can be successfully applied for encapsulation of STAT modulators in cancer therapy and suffers from a variety of drawbacks such as low bioavailability and lack of specific tumor targeting. Expand
Effect of topical anesthesia on pain during infiltration injection and success of anesthesia for maxillary central incisors.
Use of topical anesthesia had no significant effect on pain during either needle penetration or injection and pain during injection had nosignificant effect on the success of anesthesia. Expand