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How to effectively use topic models for software engineering tasks? An approach based on Genetic Algorithms
Information Retrieval (IR) methods, and in particular topic models, have recently been used to support essential software engineering (SE) tasks, by enabling software textual retrieval and analysis.Expand
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Cross-project defect prediction models: L'Union fait la force
Existing defect prediction models use product or process metrics and machine learning methods to identify defect-prone source code entities. Different classifiers (e.g., linear regression, logisticExpand
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Multi-objective Cross-Project Defect Prediction
Cross-project defect prediction is very appealing because (i) it allows predicting defects in projects for which the availability of data is limited, and (ii) it allows producing generalizableExpand
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Automated Test Case Generation as a Many-Objective Optimisation Problem with Dynamic Selection of the Targets
The test case generation is intrinsically a multi-objective problem, since the goal is covering multiple test targets (e.g., branches). Existing search-based approaches either consider one target atExpand
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Reformulating Branch Coverage as a Many-Objective Optimization Problem
Test data generation has been extensively investigated as a search problem, where the search goal is to maximize the number of covered program elements (e.g., branches). Recently, the whole suiteExpand
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When, how, and why developers (do not) test in their IDEs
The research community in Software Engineering and Software Testing in particular builds many of its contributions on a set of mutually shared expectations. Despite the fact that they form the basisExpand
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When and How Using Structural Information to Improve IR-Based Traceability Recovery
Information Retrieval (IR) has been widely accepted as a method for automated traceability recovery based on the textual similarity among the software artifacts. However, a notorious difficulty forExpand
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Improving IR-based traceability recovery via noun-based indexing of software artifacts
SUMMARY One of the most successful applications of textual analysis in software engineering is the use of information retrieval (IR) methods to reconstruct traceability links between softwareExpand
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Using IR methods for labeling source code artifacts: Is it worthwhile?
Information Retrieval (IR) techniques have been used for various software engineering tasks, including the labeling of software artifacts by extracting “keywords” from them. Such techniques includeExpand
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Improving Multi-Objective Test Case Selection by Injecting Diversity in Genetic Algorithms
A way to reduce the cost of regression testing consists of selecting or prioritizing subsets of test cases from a test suite according to some criteria. Besides greedy algorithms, cost cognizantExpand
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