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Investigation of the membrane localization and distribution of flavonoids by high-resolution magic angle spinning NMR spectroscopy.
To investigate the structural basis for the antioxidative effects of plant flavonoids on the lipid molecules of cellular membranes, we have studied the location and distribution of five differentExpand
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A mind-brain-body dataset of MRI, EEG, cognition, emotion, and peripheral physiology in young and old adults
We present a publicly available dataset of 227 healthy participants comprising a young (N=153, 25.1±3.1 years, range 20–35 years, 45 female) and an elderly group (N=74, 67.6±4.7 years, range 59–77Expand
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Orientation dependence of magnetization transfer parameters in human white matter
We propose a refined dipolar lineshape for pool b that explicitly considers the specific geometrical arrangement of lipid bilayers wrapped around a cylindrical axon. Expand
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In vivo measurement of cortical anisotropy by diffusion-weighted imaging correlates with cortex type
Introduction: Microscopic analysis of the cortex shows variable microscructure in different functio-anatomical areas. Cortical areas with large pyramidal cells, which are oriented in normal directionExpand
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Membrane hydration and structure on a subnanometer scale as seen by high resolution solid state nuclear magnetic resonance: POPC and POPC/C12EO4 model membranes.
The position on a subnanometer scale and the dynamics of structurally important water in model membranes was determined using a combination of proton magic-angle spinning NMR (MAS) withExpand
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Structural model of the membrane-bound C terminus of lipid-modified human N-ras protein.
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Alexithymia and the labeling of facial emotions: response slowing and increased motor and somatosensory processing
BackgroundAlexithymia is a personality trait that is characterized by difficulties in identifying and describing feelings. Previous studies have shown that alexithymia is related to problems inExpand
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Automatic emotion processing as a function of trait emotional awareness: an fMRI study.
It is unclear whether reflective awareness of emotions is related to extent and intensity of implicit affective reactions. This study is the first to investigate automatic brain reactivity toExpand
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New options for measuring molecular diffusion in zeolites by MAS PFG NMR
Combination of pulsed field gradient (PFG) NMR with magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR is demonstrated to have remarkable advantages in comparison with conventional PFG NMR, if applied to diffusionExpand
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High-resolution NMR on cubic lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
A cubic liquid crystalline phase composed of monooleoylglycerol monoolein, MO and H O was investigated by 2 . high-resolution NMR. With magic angle spinning MAS all orientation-dependentExpand
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