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The cost of obesity in Canada.
The total direct cost of obesity in Canada in 1997 was estimated to be over $1.8 billion, and it is anticipated that the prevention and treatment of obesity will have major positive effects on the overall cost of health care. Expand
“Having the Right Chemistry”: A Qualitative Study of Mentoring in Academic Medicine
Having a mentor is critical to having a successful career in academic medicine, and participants without formalized mentoring relationships should look to peers and colleagues for assistance in navigating the academic system. Expand
Alcohol consumption and antiretroviral adherence among HIV-infected persons with alcohol problems.
Addressing alcohol use in HIV-infected persons may improve antiretroviral adherence and ultimately clinical outcomes, as any alcohol use among HIV- infected persons with a history of alcohol problems is associated with worse HAART adherence. Expand
Relation of Family Responsibilities and Gender to the Productivity and Career Satisfaction of Medical Faculty
This work surveyed female and male faculty in all academic departments at 24 randomly selected medical schools across the United States to evaluate the extent of other dependent care responsibilities that might negatively affect women's academic careers. Expand
Leaving hospital against medical advice among HIV-positive patients.
Discharge against medical advice among HIV-positive patients was associated with frequent readmissions with the same diagnosis, and preventing such discharges is likely to benefit patients and the health care system. Expand
Hospital utilization and costs in a cohort of injection drug users.
Hospital utilization was significantly higher among community-based IDUs with early HIV disease than among those who were HIV negative and may be reduced with the establishment of programs that integrate harm reduction strategies with primary care and addiction treatment. Expand
Homelessness and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among a Cohort of HIV-Infected Injection Drug Users
Sub-optimal ART adherence was associated with homelessness and daily injection heroin use among HIV-infected IDU and it is critical to develop and evaluate innovative strategies such as supportive housing and methadone maintenance to address these risk factors to improve adherence. Expand
Housing First improves subjective quality of life among homeless adults with mental illness: 12-month findings from a randomized controlled trial in Vancouver, British Columbia
Despite multiple health and social challenges faced by homeless individuals with mental illness, HF in both scattered-site and congregate models results in significantly greater perceived QoL as compared to individuals who do not receive HF even after a relatively short period of time. Expand
The establishment of North America's first state sanctioned supervised injection facility: A case study in culture change
Abstract The serious adverse health consequences associated with illicit drug use in Vancouver has brought international attention to the city. It is now widely recognized that innovative and boldExpand
Antiretroviral adherence and HIV treatment outcomes among HIV/HCV co-infected injection drug users: the role of methadone maintenance therapy.
Among HIV/HCV co-infected IDUs on HAART, enrollment in MMT was associated with reduced heroin use, and improved adherence, HIV-1 RNA suppression and CD4 cell count response. Expand