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A novel pathway to enzyme deactivation: the cutinase model.
Cutinase in aqueous solution at pH 4.5 deactivates following a parallel pathway. At 53 degrees C, 88% of the cutinase molecules are in the unfolded conformation, which can aggregate with a reactionExpand
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Eigenvalues of Positive Definite Integral Operators on Unbounded Intervals
Let k(x, y) be the positive definite kernel of an integral operator on an unbounded interval of ℝ. If k belongs to class defined below, the corresponding operator is compact and trace class. WeExpand
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Complex Variable Positive Definite Functions
In this paper we develop an appropriate theory of positive definite functions on the complex plane from first principles and show some consequences of positive definiteness for meromorphic functions.
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Eigenvalue Distribution of Positive Definite Kernels on Unbounded Domains
Abstract.We study eigenvalues of positive definite kernels of L2 integral operators on unbounded real intervals. Under the assumptions of integrability and uniform continuity of the kernel on theExpand
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Complex Positive Definite Functions on Strips
We characterize a holomorphic positive definite function f defined on a horizontal strip of the complex plane as the Fourier–Laplace transform of a unique exponentially finite measure on $${\mathbbExpand
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Inequalities for differentiable reproducing kernels and an application to positive integral operators
Let be an interval and let be a reproducing kernel on. We show that if is in the appropriate differentiability class, it satisfies a 2-parameter family of inequalities of which the diagonal dominanceExpand
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