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On the Baryon-meson-photon System
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SU(6) and electromagnetic interactions
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The many π-meson problem
It is shown that the properties of a system of N pi -mesons are to a considerable extent determined by three quantum numbers (N/sub 1/N/sub 2/N/sub 3/ ). the "correlation numbers" whose sum equals N.Expand
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Singular Potentials and Peratization. I.
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  • A. Pais
  • Materials Science
  • 1 November 1977
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Radioactivity's two early puzzles
Since the discovery of radioactivity predates the birth of quantum mechanics by nearly thirty years, it was inevitable that the most fundamental aspect of radioactive processes, its spontaneity, wasExpand
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Some simple consequences of, or checks for, invariance considerations as applied to interactions of antibaryons are presented. Topics discussed include P conservation in strong interactions, CExpand
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CP Violation and Electric Dipole Moments in Gauge Theories of Weak Interactions
We present some general considerations on computation of electric dipole moments (D) of leptons and of hadrons in gauge theories which incorporate CP violation. Technical aspects of the isolation ofExpand
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