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Italian marine reserve effectiveness: Does enforcement matter?
Marine protected areas (MPAs) have become popular tools worldwide for ecosystem conservation and fishery management. Fish assemblages can benefit from protection provided by MPAs, especially thoseExpand
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The impact of commercial and recreational harvesting for Paracentrotus lividus on shallow rocky reef sea urchin communities in North-western Sardinia, Italy
The fishery for the edible sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus is of great importance to many European regions, although in some of them this species has shown a wide scale decline in recent years. ThisExpand
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The bivalve Ruditapes decussatus: A biomonitor of trace elements pollution in Sardinian coastal lagoons (Italy).
The anthropogenic contamination of water bodies with metals via fertilizer, industrial sewage and urban wastewater has resulted in widespread problems in aquatic organisms, but also poses a risk toExpand
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Spatial variability of fish fauna in sheltered and exposed shallow rocky reefs from a recently established Mediterranean Marine Protected Area
Coastal exposure may affect the structure of littoral fish assemblages. To evaluate its effects, fish assemblages associated with shallow (0–3 m depth) rocky reefs were investigated by visual censusExpand
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Contribution to the knowledge of 'banquettes' of Posidonia oceanica (l.) Delile in Sardinia Island
In the framework of the Sardinia and Corsica Interreg II Project, a study on the dead leaves of Posidonia oceanica , washed up along the beaches and forming banquettes, was carried out in differentExpand
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Small-scale perturbation on soft bottom macrozoobenthos after mechanical cleaning operations in a Central-Western Mediterranean lagoon
1 - Sardinia Island (Italy), even if relatively small, has over 100 lagoons totalling some 12,000 ha. Yet their potential yield remain often unexpressed because they are subjected to environmentalExpand
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Molluscs and echinoderms aquaculture: biological aspects, current status, technical progress and future perspectives for the most promising species in Italy
Shellfish aquaculture is a widespread activity in the Italian peninsula. However, only two bivalve species are mainly cultured along the coastline of that country: the Mediterranean mussel MytilusExpand
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Optimizing interpolation of shoot density data from a Posidonia oceanica seagrass bed
A case study on the optimization of Posidonia oceanica density interpolation, using a data set from a large meadow at Porto Conte Bay (NW Sardinia, Italy), is presented. Ordinary point kriging,Expand
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First evidence of intersex condition in extensively reared mullets from Sardinian lagoons (central–western Mediterranean, Italy)
Abstract The term intersex describes alterations in gonadal development with the simultaneous presence of male and female reproductive stages in the same gonad of a gonochoristic species. In coastalExpand
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Suspended culture of Ostrea edulis in the Calich lagoon (North western Sardinia, Italy): preliminary results
Abstract Suspended culture is a widespread farming method used for many bivalve species such as mussels, oysters and scallops. In the Mediterranean, this technique is mainly practised in lagoons orExpand
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